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Tech Articles

7/21/20: Conquering the Fast/Cheap/Reliable paradox with automation (Packet Pushers Blog)

7/14/20: Understanding the landscape around network automation (APNIC Blog Post)

4/15/20: Open sourcing the wide area network model (APNIC Blog Post)

2/12/20: pyNTM presentation slides from NANOG 78

9/10/19: Coding, not vendor certs, is the best way to increase your value as a network engineer

6/7/18: The double-back - The unexpected pitfall of RSVP fast failover

2/24/17: Let's Not Pretend Your Quiz is a Technical Screen

2/3/17: What is a network model? How does it work? Why do I need one?

Worldly Observations

7/11/19: Drink almond milk? Great! . . . except that it's highly processed crap

5/31/19: An introduction to Mezcal

5/9/19: Looking to be annoying? Up your game with these simple ideas!

9/25/17: A Tortilla Chip Cover-Up? We Investigate!

2/5/17: In Defense of Tequila